Meetup: April 23, 2018

On 23rd of April 2018 we would like to invite you to our next community meetup of the Munich Node.JS User Group. Please sign up on Meetup to give us a hint how many nodehackers are coming!


On 23rd of April we have the following schedule:

  • 19:30: Realtime APIs with Feathers
    by Max Gerer

    At its core, Feathers is a set of tools and an architecture pattern that make it easy to create scalable REST APIs and real-time applications. With Feathers, you can literally build prototypes in minutes and production-ready apps in days. Max Gerer is CTO of e-bot7 GmbH where they use Feathers constantly. Video

  • 20:30: Reactive Programming with rxjs
    by Ingo Bürk

    rxjs is the JavaScript implementation of the ReactiveX library which became more popular and important due to its extensive application in Angular. But what are observables, how do they work and what. Video

  • 21:20: What's new in Node 10
    by Dr. Axel Rauschmayer

  • 22:00: Door closing
    by all node hackers

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