Meetup: June 3, 2017

On 3rd of June we would like to invite you to our next community meetup of the Munich Node.JS User Group. Please sign up on Meetup to give us a hint how many nodehackers are coming!


On 3rd of June we have the following schedule:

  • 10:00: Doors open

  • 10:30: Rediscovering JavaScript
    by Dr. Venkat Subramaniam

    JavaScript is one of those very powerful languages that is often misunderstood and underutilized. It is quite popular, yet there is so much more we can do with it. In this presentation we will deep dive into the capabilities and strengths of this prominent language of the web. Along the way, we will discuss things we should avoid and look at some practices that we should favor. Video

  • 12:00: Lunch
    sponsored by TNG

  • 13:00: Keeping your JavaScript Promises
    by Dr. Venkat Subramaniam

    Callbacks have ruled the JavaScripts world. While they provide a way to handle asynchronous responses they’re far from being elegant and they do not compose well. Promises solve the issues with a greater elegance, fluency, and civility. Promises can be chained nicely as well. In this presentation, we will dive into Promises, learn how to use them, how to create our own functions that return Promises, and finally how to automate the test of functions that rely on Promises

  • 14:30: Close down of MNUG meetup
    by all node hackers


Talks starting at 10:30am.

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