Meetup: 23rd of March

On 23rd of March we would like to invite you to our next community meetup of the Munich Node.JS User Group at the new office of Google. Please sign up on Meetup to give us a hint how many nodehackers are coming!


On 23rd of March we have the following schedule:

  • 19:00: Beer & Pizza
    sponsored by Google

  • 20:00: TurboFan: A new code generation architecture for V8
    by Benedikt Meurer

    The V8 team has been working on a new code generation architecture - named TurboFan - for more than three years, and it’s supposed to launch fully in Chrome M59. TurboFan replaces the previous optimizing compiler Crankshaft, but also adds portable, high-performance code generation abilities to V8 that enabled several other new key technologies, like the Ignition interpreter, and most of the ES2015+ optimization work. Slides and video

  • 21:00: Node.js development with Typescript by Igor Ivanovic

    How typescript help us build a Node.js teams which help us scale and get productive teams. Why did we chose typescript? What challenges did we had? Slides and video

  • 21:45: Scalable development leveraging node local modules by Radu Creosteanu

    Local node modules provide a simple mechanism for encapsulating your code in small independent modules. It is a step which enables the easy upgrade of a module to fully shared across different projects. Combined with Jest the use of local node modules makes automated testing more flexible and reliable. Most important of all, structuring your code base around modules maintains the project structure simple even as the size continues to grow. Video

  • 22:45: Close down of MNUG meetup
    by all node hackers


Talks starting at 8:00pm. Admission with beer & pizza from 7pm.

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